Friday, April 17, 2009


first i'm in a group show up at the alphonse berber gallery in berkeley. steve kim, also straight outta cgu, will be in the show (that's his nice piece on the card). if you are in the bay area you should go- but seriously! the space is really interesting and the show will be even more-so. grant and i had such a chillaxed weekend with the winkles and miss hilary last weekend when we dropped off my work. you know if great people like that are congregating in one area, it's the place to be.

second, my friend jon troutman is making me a website! he is really talented and totally hooking me up with a cool site.

plus i'm showing something in the installation gallery. it may or may not blow your minds. and next weekend is open studios. a lot of my work is upstate so i'm cranking away on new pieces.

so more blogging to follow.


Suzanne said...

I have to go to San Francisco ALL THE TIME for work, so I am definitely swinging through Berkeley next time.

Hanging out with your art is the next best thing to hanging out with you, right??

Eva said...

oh - wish i could see it. we'll be there in july and it closes in june, right? i can't wait to see your website...and good luck with your installation and open studios. more photos, please!