Saturday, October 13, 2007

opposites distract

this week i've had meetings with a ton of people. we looked at some of the stuff i've been doing including "mustard" (pictured below). it's funny how polarized the response was. one lady (and a few friends) suggested i enhance my practice by making my own paper and incorporating three dimensional paper forms to better develop my ideas. and then a few days later someone said that i don't need to change my process. i just need to make things flatter. instead of making my own paper, i should go more industrial than organic in order to make my watercolors more contemporary. so this week i was told to go more three-dimesional and i was told to go less dimensional. welcome to grad school?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

exhibit shots

here you go. unfortunately there are no images of last night. i didn't have grant take pictures of the opening (because that is totally bogus). but it was packed and really fun. whit and heidi came and got to meet some of my new school friends. and they got to see what all these peeps make.

the show was divided into two adjacent galleries. here's the entrance to the gallery my piece was in (i really lucked out with the placement):

here is my piece titled "mustard". it's 76" x 64"

now for some highlights: i seriously love this sculpture by a dude named william and was so thrilled that our pieces were placed next to one another. i also think this installation by cristina is beautiful. she also did a nice installation in the atrium.

this shot really doesn't get the greatness of the last piece. it was to the right of mine and i think it is the bomb. amy does these pink sculptural paintings from belly button images. also some other nice pieces that you can't really see. bummer.

this is nuttaphol's work. he could possibly be the coolest person in all of the claremont colleges. he is hella cool. and his work is also part of the reason why i go to school everyday.

in the other gallery there was a mix of stuff too. the underlying theme was figuration, something unique to our class. claremont is primarily an abstract painting school so all the other students and faculty were surprised by the change. jacob did the small piece and now he's working in textiles (in an awesome way). and the cellulite man creeps me out and makes me laugh big time.

yoshie did the video in the back. i have to tell you that it is the most nausiating and enjoyable thing to watch. she eats junk food non-stop for five minutes with a carnival scene and music playing behind her. barf. in a good way.

and lastly, my friend leia did this painting of a hollywood couple.

there are so many other note-worthy pieces ( i'm missing shots of delmy and laurence's pieces) but that gives you a lil taste for what went down. or up. or whatever.

Monday, October 8, 2007

1st year mfa candidates' show

the fourth leg features the work of over thirty students at cgu's peggy phelps gallery ( 251 east tenth street in claremont). it will be open from octber 8th to the 19th. there's an opening reception tomorrow october 9th from 6-9pm. if you are in california, please come and enjoy the greek food and some fun art. and don't you worry, out-of-towners. i'll post some pictures of the opening.

Friday, October 5, 2007

clockwork orange

when i woke up really early yesterday morning, i finished everything pressing at the house. with my spare time i decided to cut off four inches of my hair? sure. and as the day dragged on, my decisions got crazier. for instance, a painting i've been doing this week seemed at the time to need a huge neon orange (think tang) stain over most of it.

i decided to sleep in this morning.