Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the latest

my second semester at cgu has started. i'm really hopeful that this semester will be better/ more challenging and yet more rewarding and i'm confident it will be twice as busy. i decided to double-up with classes now so my last semester can be completely dedicated to finishing my show. i also decided to take on a second job; i'm a teaching assistant for sandeep mukherjee's undergrad intro to painting class down at pomona. we had our first official painting day yesterday. i loved it. it's really odd to be instructing others about technique and the elements of art. first, because they listen to me (mind blowing). and second, i myself still have insecurities and questions- that never goes away. the questions and dilemmas just get more complicated and tricky.

with that being said, i'm trying to work some stuff out. hence, no postings of pictures. i've made stuff. but you don't need to see. i will post some new work probably within the week. hold your horses.