Thursday, December 20, 2007

just more dumb words

this week i have become an insomniac. it's not that fun. the first time it happened i got on to thinking over the semester's challenges (aka graduate school blackholes). all of them have been redonkulous. i guess i "experimented" as everyone suggested i do. i went through a materials crisis. watercolor on paper, then on panel, on plastic, on handmade paper, on three-dimensional surfaces, then photography, then oils on canvas, then acrylic, then fluid acrylic. so if you were thinking to yourself "what is she doing with her time?" that is my answer. i've struggled and struggled; and i haven't even begun my image/ content crises.

meanwhile i have had some opportunities to do paintings for people i love. i attempted one in acrylic. it was so-so. i actually hated it and then i haphazardly ruined it today. i brought out my watercolor supplies. within seconds i realized that watercolor (on plain old boring paper) is where i belong. all that to be at square one again? yep. i guess that's what grad school is all about. exhausting all your options so you know your direction more clearly. and now i do.