Saturday, January 31, 2009

yep. this is it.

we could be anything but ourselves
mfa thesis exhibition
feb 16-20
reception on feb 17 6-9pm


brighton quinn said...

we got your postcard yesterday! it looks amazing chelsea- i am so proud of you. of course, you are a art genius and you would make something like unto nothing i have ever seen before. you are so talented my sissy and i couldn't be more proud of you. your hard work, and craziness has all paid off. be sure to enjoy your show.

KRISTIN said...

nice postcard and painting! mike was trying to scheme ways that I could go to your opening....if it was only on a Saturday night.
I am very excited for you.

Eva said...

thanks for the postcard. wish we could go! i can't wait to see the photos...i'm just dying to have you do a q and a for my blog!

Ms. Read said...

The card turned out super!!
Very excited for you for this finale to a great achievement.

katie k said...

hi! This is Katie, Eva's friend, MEredith's friend....BYU, blueeyedfreckle... anyway, I am LOVING your artwork.I love the abstractions and those fleshy blobs down below.

I also love working with watercolor, but have never tried it on YUPA, what qualities are you noticing that are different from hotpress watercolor paper?
oh and I just started an art blog:

The Big Hert said...

it's gonna pay off P.W.....just you watch.

wayg to muscle throughg. duh.